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    • Staying Safe and Responsible During Labor Day Weekend and Rod Run

      Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, which many people celebrate with backyard barbeques, family excursions, and other activities. These are some of the busiest driving days of the year, and ...

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    • Why You Need a Lawyer | Pacific County Criminal Defense Attorneys

      Why You Need a Lawyer You forgot to pay that speeding ticket you got while on vacation and now your license is suspended. Or you had one too many clams in your bag, but the officer says you can “just ...

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  • DUI
    • WA DUI Offenders Must Request an DOL Hearing Much Sooner in 2019

      When you get arrested for a DUI in the State of Washington, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended upon failing or refusing a breath or blood chemical test. In order to contest the ...

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    • How Much is Too Much to Drink?

      No two people are alike and, therefore, alcohol affects us all differently. What might be too much for one person, might not be a lot to someone else, so it is hard to say how much an individual can ...

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    • Guy Glenn Law Firm Welcomes Attorney Pamella Nogueira to the Team

      Guy Glenn Law Firm has a new face among its ranks, Attorney Pamella Nogueira. If you don’t know who she is yet, you probably would have learned even if you had not read this article, for she is ...

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