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Guy Glenn Law Firm Welcomes Attorney Pamella Nogueira to the Team

Guy Glenn Law Firm has a new face among its ranks, Attorney Pamella Nogueira. If you don’t know who she is yet, you probably would have learned even if you had not read this article, for she is considered one of Washington’s brightest rising stars of the legal world. It is a true honor and exciting day to be able to say that a young, ambitious, and undeniably talented criminal defense lawyer like Pamella has joined our team.

Get to Know Attorney Nogueira

Originally from São Jose Dos Campos in Brazil, Pamella knew she had a passion for both law and helping others from a very early age. She has been quoted in an interview – which was published by the Chinook Observer here – as saying that she went to career day in first grade dressed like an attorney, a habit she picked up from her parents, who are both accomplished lawyers in Brazil. When she was only 15-years old, she came to Raymond, WA as an exchange student and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the members of her community. When the opportunity came up for her to attend Tacoma’s Pacific Lutheran University, she jumped at the chance.

After completing her English program there in half the time expected, she looked to greater challenges and enrolled at University of Washington, Tacoma. In only a year’s time, she was ready to move on again with her sights set on University of Washington Law School. Everyone in Seattle knew then just how special and talented Pamella was, for she completed her degree in an astounding two years; faculty had repeatedly told her it would be an impossible task, something that should have taken three years total.

It was while she was finishing her terms at law school that she met Attorney Glenn and our team. As soon as she was ready, she began to intern for us and get her hands on some complex cases. Today, she is a full-time attorney and a highly valued member of our law firm. She has not forgotten her passion for helping people and advocates every day for the fair treatment of the criminally accused. Much of her practice focuses on drug crime arrests and alternative solutions other than conviction, such as intensive sobriety programs.

To learn more about Pacific County Criminal Defense Attorney Nogueira, or to retain her services for a case of your own, contact us today. You can also fill out a free online case evaluation form if you wish.