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Building a strong case means understanding the law and knowing how to use it. At Guy Glenn Law Firm, we bring more than 50 combined years of experience to each case we take, and we understand how important it is for you to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. Whether you are dealing with a criminal charge, need compensation following a serious injury, or want to begin planning for your family’s future, call our Pacific County lawyers. We can provide you with a free consultation about your case and get you pointed in the right direction.

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Over Half a Century of Combined Experience

Most of our clients feel overwhelmed and frustrated when they pick up the phone to call a lawyer. We understand how you feel, and we are prepared to give you the listening ear and trusted guidance you need to obtain a favorable outcome for your situation.

Fighting to Protect Your Rights

Whether you were pulled over for drunk driving or are facing serious felony charges, we are on your side. Our long list of positive client reviews and successful case outcomes speaks to our ability to fight for you and ensure you can tell your side of the story. During your free consultation, we will discuss your situation and give you an idea of how to proceed with your case.

Aggressive Advocacy to Help You Recover from Your Injuries

If you were injured because someone else was irresponsible and failed to exercise caution, let us help you get the compensation you need to pay for your medical expenses and restore your life as much as possible. We are not intimidated by insurance companies, and we understand how to prove fault on the other party to support your claims.

Comprehensive Planning for Your Family

Giving your loved ones a strong legacy following your passing takes understanding and ingenuity. Our experienced estate planning attorneys can help you draft a will, establish powers of attorney, and reduce tax liability to keep your assets from going into probate. We know the strategies that work, and we can help you make wise decisions for your family.

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Recent Reviews & Testimonials

  • His service is above and beyond

    “Mr. Glenn is a very honest attorney and I would recommend him to all of my friends and family. His service is above and beyond what you would expect. You will not be disappointed. ”

  • My case became almost as personal to the Guy Glenn Law Firm as it was to me

    “I felt like my case became almost as personal to the Guy Glenn Law Firm as it was to me. They never wavered in their professionalism, and the case ended up with a resolution that we all could agree upon. ”

  • A very positive experience and I would not hesitate to return

    “Considering I went to the Guy Glenn Law Firm because of a personal difficulty, it became a very positive experience and I would not hesitate to return if I ever need legal help again. ”

  • Friendly & Professional

    “I fully trusted the advice that I was given at the Guy Glenn Law Firm and felt confident and comfortable with the end result. The friendliness and professionalism of everyone at the firm is constant and genuine. ”

  • Nathan has been a joy to work with!

    “Nathan has been a joy to work with! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and professionalism! ”