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DUI Defense

DUI Defense for Pacific, Wahkiakum, and Grays Harbor Counties

You are out with friends, or maybe it is just you and your wife, but it is a wonderful evening and the dinner was amazing. You’ve had a glass of wine, a beer, or maybe just a drink. You don’t feel different. You get in your car, turn the key and begin your trip home. Little do you know your headlight is out, or your license plate light doesn’t work. Next, you’re being asked if you’ve been drinking by a law enforcement officer who’s stopped you. You say “yes,” get out of the car, do a couple of tests and suddenly you are in handcuffs and being read your rights.

It is situations like this that occur all too often in today’s world. It is embarrassing and frightening; and when you are tossed headlong into the criminal justice system you need experienced help. At the Guy Glenn Law firm we understand the anxieties and fears experienced by those arrested for drunk driving. We are here to help you understand the process, help you make decisions, answer your questions, and most importantly, guide you through the legal process.

We will help you understand the complex criminal and civil sides of DUI charges, the potential consequences of a conviction or plea, the impact to your license, the pros and cons to trial, and much more. We handle first-time DUI cases and represent those facing multiple DUI charges. Everyone deserves a quality defense and an attorney who will listen to understand their specific case to achieve the best possible outcome.


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