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Today there are probably more television dramas and movies made to portray the criminal justice system than there are attorneys who practice in these areas. It seems that not even the nightly news can go through one broadcast without covering and reporting on the most recent criminal deeds of one person or another.

But these mainstream media outlets do nothing to alleviate the stress and feeling of helplessness when you find yourself on the other side of the law. Questions such as: What are your rights? Who do you talk to? Who can you trust? These all need answers, and we are here to help provide those answers.

We are a “full service” criminal defense firm, handling everything from simple shoplifting to major felony cases. We are highly experienced in Driving Under the Influence cases and understand the complex nature of both the criminal and civil sides of this charge and the effects it can have on your driver’s license. We are dedicated to defending you, and we take pride in protecting people and preserving their dignity. For every criminal case, we will be there with you, helping to guide you through each step in the legal process.

So whether you have been charged with a simple misdemeanor such as assault or a fish & game violation, a DUI, or a major felony, including drug possession, felony level assault, or some other crime, call us to learn more about how we can help.


  • My experience with the Guy Glenn law firm, in particular with Nathan Needham, was well above anything I could have expected from a law firm.

  • I felt like my case became almost as personal to the Guy Glenn Law Firm as it was to me. They never wavered in their professionalism, and the case ended up with ...